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Forest City Economic Development
145 S. Clark Street
PO Box 306
Forest City, IA 50436
Office: (641) 585-5560

In Forest City, Iowa, you'll find a number of thriving industries that fuel our community. From renowned manufacturing giants to innovative agricultural enterprises, our region offers a rich array of career opportunities for local residents. Take Winnebago, for instance, crafting quality outdoor products right here and sending them to every corner of the globe. And with our well-connected rail and interstate network, businesses here enjoy seamless access to markets far and wide – it's no wonder they choose to call Forest City home!

Numerous employers are actively seeking talented individuals to join their ranks. Offering enticing perks like flexible schedules, comprehensive health benefits, competitive salaries, and ample room for growth, these companies provide more than just jobs – they offer fulfilling careers. So if you're on the lookout for your next professional adventure in North Iowa, rest assured, the possibilities are boundless.

When it comes to key industries, manufacturing stands tall as the cornerstone, employing a significant workforce. Educational services and agriculture also play pivotal roles in our economic landscape, reflecting our commitment to education and the heritage that defines our region. With high location quotients highlighting our strengths in various sectors, it's evident that Forest City is a hub of specialized expertise and productivity.